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Welcome to “MIND SOUL HEALING” a “holistic therapy” for women

that can heal your mind & change your life.

I will help you to find your way back into your joy, ease and wellbeing of mind.

I am here to listen. As a result, you can calm your mental chaos.

Feel free to talk. So you can relax and look to the future full of joy and hope.

Be happy no matter what

How often can you – hand on heart – really claim that you are HAPPY? Happy – no matter what!
Can you imagine being able to walk through life more easily with a SENSE of LIFE and having a clearer path in front of your eyes?
How do you recognize crises as opportunities and use the time for positive things?
There are techniques, approaches and habits that you can learn, feel and experience, which can point and pave the way for you.


During her 20 years of activity as a qualified psychologist , Dr. (Univ.Turin) Monica Ceravolo developed a particularly effective procedure , which leads to fears and relationship problems, among other things, to be solved more easily and to go through life more confidently .

During her 20 years of activity as a qualified psychologist,
Dr. (Univ.Turin) Monica Ceravolo developed a particularly effective procedure, which leads to solve fears and relationship problems, among other things, and to go through life more confidently . This is the sole purpose of “MInd Soul Healing”

Range of services

Psychological life coach paths on special offer for your mind and well-being:



a monthly support of 4 meetings, on a weekly basis: € 249 instead of € 280
(which means that for each session you invest only 62 € instead of 70 € for a single session.)

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2 MONTHS Path:

a bimonthly support of 8 weekly meetings: € 449 instead of € 560! (= € 56 per session)

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3 MONTHS Path:

a quarterly support of 12 meetings, on a weekly basis: 649 € instead of 840 € (= only € 54 per session)

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There are times when you feel depressed and down?
You want someone that can listen to you?
someone who won’t judge you? You want to regain your strength?
Want ultimate happiness in your life?
Yes, you are at the right place !
Book your appointment now.
“Mind Soul Healing” is here to help you.

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Counseling & psychotherapy online or in practice

€70 – 50 minutes

Walk & Talk Therapy

€120 – 90 minutes

Small groups for women online or in practice

€50 – 120 minutes


Ms. Ceravolo accompanied me for several months and I can only recommend you as a psychologist.
The conversations with Dr. Ceravolo are very pleasant. She is incredibly emphatic and empathetic, so that I feel more than understood.

My main treatment areas

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Understand your soul task and why you are in this world. Learn which approaches, techniques and new habits you use to master these and challenging times to come and to use every crisis as an opportunity for your ideal future. I would like to help you with my knowledge that you are making progress and are as well informed as possible.

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